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Soft Muzzle Cover

Soft Muzzle Cover

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Is your dog prone to biting or nipping other dogs when visiting the vet or park?

° This muzzle inhibits biting,barking and chewing

° Keeps aggressive dogs under control-perfect for vet visits and groomers

° Adjustable

° Lockable buckle

° Comfortable (my dog can't talk but it looks comfortable)


Muzzle should fit snug or loose NOT tight

Generally a snug fit prevents aggression and biting while a loose fit prevents chewing and barking



Neck: 25-38cm Snout: 18-22.5cm


Neck: 30 - 45.5 cm Snout: 22.5-30cm

Neck: 33 - 50 cm Snout: 28-38cm
X Large:
Neck: 41 - 66 cm Snout: 33-43cm
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